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Bodybuilding for beginners is a good introduction to a disciplined sport (or hobby) that requires commitment to both training and nutrition. There is a lot more to the sport then just lifting weights and drinking protein shakes to make your muscles grow. Bodybuilding is an amazing journey of commitment and self-discipline that allows you to get the best out of your body and your mind.

Body Building for Beginners – Getting Started

If you are new to the sport then ease yourself into it. Transforming your body takes time and effort and there are no “quick fix” programs. Professional bodybuilders are athletes who have been training and competing for years and can handle intense training loads and high calorie, high protein diets. You will not be able to train as hard as them nor will you be able to recover as quickly as them. Be sure to work your way up slowly with proper nutrition and training plans or you may be at risk of serious injury and health problems.

Body Building for Beginners – What Are Your Goals?

A common misconception from people new to the sport is that Body building is about “getting massive”, they thinks it’s about having the biggest chest and the biggest biceps, yet in competition judges aren’t just looking at size, they’re looking for proportion, symmetry, tone and definition. Getting bigger muscles is a good start, but if you're just after a tracksuit body (big arms and chest, with tiny legs) your success as a body builder will be limited. Be clear about what your goals are, some readers are interested in competition where as other are more interested in just looking fit. Regardless of your goals this chapter can help you to understand the nutrition required to gain muscle mass, reduce body fat and aid recovery.

Body Building for Beginners – Best Tip Ever!

Through our experience of working with professional body builders over the years, our single best piece of advice to anyone new to the sport is to ensure your program and diet is tailored towards your achieving your individual goals. Don’t just do an exercise for the sake of doing it, ask yourself

  • Why am I doing this particular exercise?
  • What can I achieve from it?
  • Is it consistent with my training goals?

The same can be said about your diet, learn to ask yourself;

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