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Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Your goal should be to eat a minimum of 7 serves of fruits and vegetables every day. Most governing health bodies recommend at least 2 serves of fruit and at least 5 serves of vegetable daily.

How Much Fruit?

A serve of fruit is a medium piece of fruit for example an apple, orange, banana, pear, or 2-3 pieces of small fruit for example strawberries, apricots, peaches, or a handful of dried fruit.

Fruit is very versatile, you can have it for your breakfast, on your breakfast, as a snack, to go with lunch and it even makes a great dessert!

How Many Serves of Vegetables?

A serve of vegetables is 1/2 a cup of cooked vegetables or a full cup of raw (salad).

If you’re finding it difficult to get your family (eg children) to eat vegetables try disguising them in their favourite meal. For example, grate vegetables like carrots and onions and add them to meals like rissoles and spaghetti bolognese, use vegetables in soups and casseroles, put them in meals like stir fry’s and then add sauces to disguise the taste, be creative!

As a general rule if it comes from a plant it’s good for you. Although the nutritional content of all fruits and vegetables will vary, while some fruits and vegetables might not contain as many vitamins and antioxidants they may contain a higher content of other nutrients like fibre. This helps to explain why variety is important.

Given that the nutrients in fruits and vegetables will vary, it is important that we get variety and therefore you may wish to try a new fruit or vegetable each week. Many people choose to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables as it adds variety to their snacks and meals throughout the year, but also because they are normally cheaper to buy when they’re in season.

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