How to Gain Weight

How to gain weight is a topic that quite often does not receive much attention by nutrition experts as predominately they focus their efforts towards the growing obesity and diabetes epidemics. Despite the fact that the western world as a whole on average is getting bigger there is also a small percentage of people who find themselves at the other end of the curve, struggling to find ways to gain weight.

In response to the increasing number of clients we have had recently requesting information about how to gain weight we have designed this chapter to help educate and review the best way to do so without compromising your health or trying to sell you anything.

Many people would argue that putting on weight is easy you just need to do the opposite of losing weight ie eat more and move less. Reality is it’s not that simple, in fact exercise is actually a very important part of the weight gain process and when it comes to food it’s not so much about how much you eat, but the kinds of foods you’re eating.

So What is the Best Way to Gain Weight?

In this chapter we will discuss the following important factors that will assist you to successfully achieve your weight goals.

Energy Content of Food

Learn How to Gain Weight Without Buying Protein Supplements

Best Food for Weight Gain

Exercises Designed to Assist Weight Gain

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