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Jennifer Nicole Lee Program Reviews

Jennifer Nicole Lee
Jennifer Nicole Lee program reviews for "The Fitness Model Program","The Bikini Model Program" and "The Sexy Body Diet"

Jenifer Nicole Lee (JNL) is arguably the biggest name in the female fitness industry today and rightly so, she has worked her butt off to get there. But unlike most gifted supermodels, she wasn't born into the model scene as teenage, in fact, as an overweight 200lb (90kg) mother of 2, no-one would have predicted her success as a future fitness model.

But like many untold stories of rags to riches, Jennifer made a commitment to change her life around, lose weight and get fit. The results now speak for themselves.

Now we could go on and talk about her success as a fitness model, including the cover of 27 prestigious magazines, her success in becoming Ms Bikini America and Ms Bikini Universe, but I think most people get that already, she's your typical cover model. Maybe a little airbrushed and augmented in parts, but fit none the less.

Instead we would rather focus on her qualifications and how she can help almost every woman to achieve their desired weight management and fitness goals.

Through her success in the fitness industry (mainly through her association with, the world's biggest and most successful online training and supplement website), Jennifer has created a series of weight management and fitness programs to help everyday people to achieve their weight and fitness goals. Whilst generic in parts what we like about Jennifer's work is that she has tailor made different programs to suit all types of women.

Reality is not all women want to look like a fitness model. Deep down however most women (and men) have something about their body they'd like to improve and well Jennifer appears to have what it takes to help you achieve it.

After working in the health and fitness industry for 15 years we've come to appreciate that whilst diet and exercise are the key components of any physical transformation, motivation is the main ingredient that makes it happen.

Unfortunately failure to address the motivation factor is where most body transformation programs fall down and this is where Jennifer has appropriately positioned herself well in the market. Designing programs to help everyday women (from beginners to advanced) to achieve results through proper diet and exercise advice (no fads here) in combination with the most important factor motivation.

Jennifer currently has 3 worthy programs on offer, each of which is tailored towards a slightly different market and has been tried and tested to deliver results. To add credibility to her programs they have received numerous accolades and have featured on a number of well respected TV shows including Oprah, Fox News, Inside Edition, Entertainment Television, The Big Idea and more.

In summary, if you're looking for the magic bullet or an easy solution, you won't find it here (although good luck with that). But if you are genuinely ready to make change, and you're willing to make a commitment to what needs to be done, then Jennifer can offer the final piece to the puzzle and help turn your body transformation dreams into a reality.

Jennifer Nicole Lee before shot

JNL Before
Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model

JNL After

For more information, please click on any of the 3 programs listed below.

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Jennifer Nicole Lee
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