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Lifestyle Improvement Program

Lifestyle Improvement Program

If you have access to the internet you can be improving your health and happiness through the AlphaOne Lifestyle Improvement Program.

Medical research now suggests you can add at least 14 disease free years to life through proper management of a number of health behaviours*. The Lifestyle Improvement Program will show you how and starts with a free health report.

Today 'GoogleÂ’ is more often used as a diagnostic tool and source of health information, however Google itself admits that the information found through its Search Engine cannot be guaranteed as trustworthy and therefore trying to find quality health information on the internet can be difficult.

The AlphaOne Lifestyle Improvement Program is founded around the latest evidenced-based-research representing many of the different disciplines of medicine all tailored in an easy to use, internet based program designed to improve your quality of life and reduce the risks associated with chronic disease.

What makes this program so impressive?

The Lifestyle Improvement Program is unique in that it tailors a lifestyle solution based on your individual results and previous health history. It is not a generic program. Instead it allows you to indentify your individual risks and takes into consideration your areas of interest to tailor a 52 week interactive lifestyle coaching program based around your needs and provides access to interactive tools and educational resources to better manage your health and happiness.

What would it take to improve your health and quality of life?

For some people this might be losing weight while for others it might be better sleep, less fatigue and more energy. The Lifestyle Improvement Program can offer it all.

Some of your individual program highlights might include:

  • Weight loss and weight management
  • Nutrition for optimal health and disease prevention
  • Exercise for beginners to advanced
  • Diabetes prevention and management
  • Better sleep, more energy and less fatigue
  • Dealing with stress, anxiety and depression
  • Pain management
  • Protecting your muscles bones and joints from injury
  • Looking after your skin and teeth
  • Understanding the 10 commandments of lifestyle medicine
  • Strategies to improve your happiness and quality of life

The Lifestyle Improvement Program is not just about health and lifestyle information, it is an interactive program that allows you to continually assess different aspects of your lifestyle, providing you with results and feedback as you go. The information that you receive is tailored towards your individual results and is delivered in a way that is psychological designed to assist you to make positive lifestyle changes.

Health and medical research is an ever advancing field and therefore the Lifestyle Improvement Program is designed to continuously evolve with the research meaning that it never becomes outdated. Not only are you provided with the most relevant and up to date health information, if the research changes whilst your half way through the program, your program will evolve to reflect the latest findings.

Given that one of the authors of expert-nutrition has been working extensively with AlphaOne for the past few years in creating the Lifestyle Improvement Program we are excited that we get to offer our visitors a free health report and a 25% discount on the program. We encourage everyone to at least follow the instructions below to get their free health report.

25% Discount Voucher Code


Please feel free to share this voucher code with your friends and family as there is no better gift, than the gift of health.

"This program is undoubtedly the most exciting and comprehensive lifestyle and health improvement program available anywhere in the world today"
- Gary Webb
Adjunct Lecturer, Southern Cross University
Lifestyle Medicine Consultant to World Health Organisation.

To learn more about the program and to receive your free health report, please click on this Lifestyle Improvement Program link.

*Reference: Khaw KT, Wareham N, Bingham S, Welch A, Luben R, et al. (2008) Combined impact of health behaviours and mortality in men and women: the EPIC-Norfolk Prospective Population study. PLoS Med 5(1): e12. doi:10.1371/journal. pmed.0050012

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