A Cheaper Alternative to Expensive Protein Supplements

Why are there so many people selling protein supplements, powders, bars and muscle mass gainers on the net? One, because sex sells and there is a huge market for people trying to look fitter, that are also willing to spend big dollars on anything that might help them to do so and two because there is a huge mark up on these products and therefore these people are making hefty profits.

After a recent client of ours asked us to provide some advice about how to gain weight, we were shocked and amazed to see that if you do a Google search for “weight gain” that there are over 54 million websites that cover it. And although we haven’t had a chance to look at all of them yet (good luck) a review of the first 100 showed that many of these websites shared the common theme of selling protein supplements.

So how can I get a good source of protein without over spending the budget on protein supplements?

It’s actually quite simple, most protein supplements use whey protein as their main ingredient because it is cheap to buy and it has the highest biological value of all proteins (which basically means it’s easy for the body to absorb and use). So instead of buying expensive whey protein supplements, why not just buy whey protein in its natural form - ‘MILK’.

What’s the difference between cheap low fat milk powder that you buy from the supermarket and the highly over priced whey protein concentrate you buy from the gym, pretty much nothing except for the price tag and the added flavours!

Spend a bit more money and yes you can buy protein in the form of whey isolates which basically means they have removed the lactose (sugar in milk) making these formula’s more than 90% protein. Unfortunately just like most nutrients more isn’t necessarily better, by removing the lactose the protein becomes less biologically active and therefore less accessible and usable to the body. Basically you’re paying for more waste.

If you’re a really die hard fan of whey protein you probably buy the hydrolysed stuff which a lot of your body builders endorse, and yes hydrolysed whey protein is more easily absorbed into the body, but for the cost that you’re paying, are you really getting that much more value?

Low fat milk gives you the right blend of the desired whey protein to help build lean body mass but also carbohydrates in the form of lactose to help the absorption process and replace your energy stores. If you’re working out in the gym what do you think your using as your main fuel source? If you were thinking carbohydrates, you would be right. Therefore any good muscle gaining formula will contain both protein for growth and carbohydrates for energy. Low fat milk is a win-win, not only are you saving on the cost of expensive protein supplements, but also the sports drinks as well. Not to mention that milk also contains calcium, an essential mineral to keep your bones healthy and reduce the likelihood of stress fractures from over training.

Why low fat milk and not full cream milk? Unfortunately the one detrimental side to full cream milk is that it contains saturated fat, but because most of this is removed in low fat milk, you can pretty much drink as much of it as you like without having to worry about the fat content. You’re probably thinking but I don’t get as much protein in low fat milk as what I get in my expensive protein powder, well this is the advantage of using low fat milk powder, you can add as many scoops as you like to get the desire amount of protein whilst also getting a balanced formula of other important nutrients as well.

Why isn’t this common knowledge? Well no-one really profits from the sales of low fat milk powder other than your farmers and well protein manufacturing companies aren’t about to share the secret that could hurt there profit margins, where do you think they get their whey protein ingredients from?!!.

Still not sure and want a second opinion, great, speak to your local dietician or why not go to your nearest cattle farm and see how long it takes for a baby calf to put on 10kgs of lean body mass by just drinking milk.

Don’t like the taste of milk, make a milkshake and add you favourite topping or better still a fruit smoothie, not only are you getting your whey protein but also important vitamin and mineral nutrients that help you to recovery from your workout.

Although this is pretty exciting news for most people, unfortunately it doesn’t help everyone, there are unfortunately a small proportion of people who are lactose intolerant. But if that’s the case, you might like to try eggs!

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