Expert Nutrition

Reduce Saturated Fat Intake1

Change to reduced fat dairy products

  • Try a lower fat variety of milk such as Lite White, Pura Light Start, Farmers Best or Shape
  • Use low fat or light yoghurt, for example Nestle diet or Danone diet lite
  • Try low fat ice cream, for example Norco Light, Peter light and Creamy, Oak Classic light or Weiss Frutia
  • Look for reduce fat cheese such as cottage, reduced fat ricotta, Bega Superslim, Kraft Free slices, Shape or Devondale 7

Cut down on visible fats

  • Be aware of how much butter or margarine that use and cut back to the least amount possible.
  • Try alternative lower fat spreads like reduced fat margarine, avocado, peanut butter, cottage or ricotta cheese.

Try these cooking techniques to keep the fat content low.

  • Stir-frying, dry roasting on a rack, grilling, or barbeque on an open grill
  • When cooking casseroles, mince dishes or soups let the dish go cold and skim off the fat that settles on top before reheating.
  • Extend meat dishes with legumes (eg lentils or beans) or vegetables

1. Diabetes Australia. Eating Well: Take the Challenge! Diabetes Australia, 2005.

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